Zincatura a spruzzo. To clarify

My decades of experience in the field of zinc, and particularly in the fight corrosion of iron structures and CA urges me to intervene in this field to integrate some partial information that still circulate in Italy on the use of galvanizing hot bath and electric arc spray.
This latest application, widespread use in the US and Northern Europe, located lower utilization in Italy despite the known numerous advantages compared to the paints and the same galvanizing bath. Below we list some:
a) The molten Zinc electric arc is atomized and deposited onto the support previously sandblasted to grade SA 2,5 - SA 3 realizing thicknesses up to 500 micron (no other system can do the same)
b) Unlike the galvanizing bath you can be deposited strands of Zn and Zn / Al 85/15 which have a higher duration of the protective 40% compared to pure zinc.
c) The plant is trailerable with roofing ability to 60-80 m² / h with zinc thicknesses 100 microns and can be used effectively in cases of recovery c.a. deteriorated
d) It employing special extensions can reach depths up to difficult 60 cm in length penetrating inside hollow
and) The paints easily adhere on the zinc deposit which is slightly porous stretching with anticorrosion duration of 2,5 times (Duplex effect)