Colimet S.r.l. reflects the heritage forty years in the field of non-ferrous metals of its owner.

Has worked in the field dell'anticorrosione, providing products, plant and equipment, and the marketing and processing of non-ferrous metals.

It is a leader in the supply of zinc and zinc/aluminium wires, Represented by its products Vertic Zinc Wire Oy Pori, in Finlandia (primary producer in Europe).

It is a leading supplier of Electric Arc Spraying Equipment, manufactured by the OSU Representative – Hessler di Bochum, in Germania, global pioneer in the electric arc spraying of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Expert in the filtration of metal powders produced in spraying processes, foundry and industrial processes, sells Suction Systems, Filtration and Recovery and supplies technology and know-how.

It supplies metallization booths for all industrial companies that use metallization plants.

It markets all Metallic Wires, animated and non-, for surfacing corrosion and wear Finnish production, Italian, Spanish and German. Distributes anodes, spheres of zinc (zinc balls), grit zinc (carton) for galvanic, wires and solder.

It is active in the marketing of tin and alloys.

With decades of experience, carries out technical consultancy activities and has specialized companies carry out spraying and maintenance work on site.

Promotes technical initiatives, participates in trade fairs, publishes articles and information with the aim of spreading knowledge of the anticorrosive properties of zinc, which is the main ally in the fight against rust steel, responsible for damages of Italy 20 billion Euros per year.

For branched international relations, the Colimet S.r.l. is active in Europe, North Africa and the Far East.