Our customers can avail themselves of the deep and broad technical knowledge of the owner and his collaborators in the field of applications of zinc corrosion, dell 'aluminum and their alloys.
Technical knowledge is constantly updated, considered the relationships that exist at the European level and the U.S. with the main bodies of Research and Development, in the field of surface treatments and carryover of hard metals used to optimize the operation of mechanical parts, restore or repair worn out organs.
The activity also includes the publication and dissemination of technical applications of anticorrosion and dell'Alluminatura Galvanizing spray tends to make known to insiders (engineers, Architects, geometry, experts, entrepreneurs, artisans, technical schools, Public administrators, etc..) the economic and environmental benefits arising to individuals and public bodies from the design and realization of structures galvanized spray. These in fact are resistant to the attacks of corrosion for decades without the need for expensive periodic maintenance.