The advice extends to the economic and financial aspects related to production costs, revenues, investment and related depreciation of plant (project finanzing). The average cost of a plant OSU-Hessler spraying of Zinc / Aluminum is 25.000,00 € fully functional. The cost of the zinc wire is approximately 3,50 €/kg. The consumption max. Zn is about 30Kg / h. With 30 Kg of Zn and a coating thickness of 50 m, covers an area of ​​approximately 52 m2 . Following analysis of the costs with the use of wires of Zinc " Vertic Zinc Wire Oy.”

Zinc Wire106,02,50
Skilled labor20,00,38
Electric energy1,50,10
Depreciation of plant4,00,03
General and administrative expenses2,50,04
Minimum profit 20%2,50,04
Sold polveri Zn- 20,0- 0,40
Total cost of spraying116,52,23

In practical terms, the cost of € 2,23 /m2 corresponds to approximately 0,7 € / kg which aligns with the market prices of hot-dip galvanizing for which, however,, must add the cost of cleaning, elimination of slag and matte, transport and waiting times. The table takes account of:

  • total cost of the labor force of 43,000 € / year
  • depreciation rate (in five years total) di € 5.000 a
  • cost of electricity used (11KW/h ) approximately 1,5 €/h
  • overheads for € 6.000 annual
  • the recovery of powders of zinc equal to 25% Zn sprayed

The above data are indicative and subject to change according to the personal needs of the customer.