Arc-spray equipment 300A Push-Pull

Through our arc-spray equipment we offer you the following advantages:

Impianto di zincatura a spruzzo OSU 300 A Push-PullExpecially wheel-mounted 3 phase 300 A /400 V 50 Hz Arc-spray power supply. The power source is inhereently ventilated to get extensive protection against short circuiting by inductive metal dusts.

Our guns don’t have rotating parts. The only parts that wear are the contacts tubes and ceramic nozzles that last longer and are easly to be replaced.

Very light gun (less than 1000 grams) easy to mange.

A metric counter, to measure the length of wire consumed, can be installed.

The wires sliding is assured by a strong brushless DC motor, a push-feeder and pull-feeder with 4 knurled rollers.

An electronic card keep stable continuously volts and ampers creating a “calm” arc.

The display (volt and ampers) can be placed far away from the power souce granting the operator to check out the process remotely.

The rectifiers allow you to change continuously the Ampers from 15 up to 400 and volts from 18 up to 40. The wires speed can be adjusted by means of a ( poti manometer) installed on the display. Hose package can be longer up to 15 meters and, most important to say, their connection is external to the power source making easy to upkeep or to change.

The spray head of pistol can be “open” or “closed” systems enlarging or concentrating the cone of spray flow according to the operator’s wishes. The pay-off of wires can be both through twin wire holder or unreel installation fixed at the back of power source.

Technical features:
Spray Zn dia 2,5 mm with a radius of action of 15 m.


  • 300 A generator with 250 kg coil feeder or drums
  • Light gun connected to the pull feeder with 3 m of cable
  • Pull feeder on wheels in sync with the push feeder fixed on console or separate
  • Push-feeder can be placed on console on the generator or separated.
  • 12 m of cables and flexible between push-feeder and pull-feeder.

Maximum spray speed: 30 Kg Zn / h