Colimet vs Rust

Zinc Metallizing: unparalleled armour against rust

NACE estimates the cost of corrosion is more than US$ 2,5 trillion, which is about 3-4%  of the world GDP. A huge waste of money that can be reduced at last by 20% adopting the best protection of steel structure. Among the most efficient systems, Zinc Metallizing or better “Zinc arc-spray galvanized” or “Thermal Spray Zinc (TSZ)” has an unparalleled combination of toughness, resistance to degradation and strength.


Why use Zn arc-spray galvanizing

TSZ is a coating simple system based on a DC power to energize two conductive wires (one positive and the other negative) that are fed through a feeder into a gun where the two wires melt in millions of Zn globules which are blown by a compressed air jet onto the previous grit blast cleaned steel surface.

This sprayed Zn coating is both a barrier and galvanic coating in one. A single metallized coating protects steel for over 40 years depending of the thickness of coating which can reach up to 250 µm and more. The greater the thickness of Zn content, the long lasting is the expected cycle of life of steel.

Metallizing can be applied virtually all year round and no polluting volatile organic compounds (VOC’S) during spraying.


Cost per square-meter

spruzzatura di zincoOwing its high speed  Zn deposition (up to 60 sq. meters/h at 100 µm of thickness), the initial cost is lower than other traditional coatings and, because no maintenance cost are requested during the 40 years, the Zn metallizing is the most effective system to win the battle against rust.  Lightweight and portable, the system is highly effective for on-site applications.

The investment cost is low, and all middle operators can afford it, like the blasting companies who may downstream their activities and the painters who may apply the TSZ  system before painting; so they are able to grant their final customers a Duplex effect with a double extended life of the steel.


The flowchart of the Zn Spraying system is very simple: flowchart zincatura






TSZ: big save of money, more safe for the human health

Do not forget the number of bridges collapses and the fatal accidents in tunnels or gondolas caused by corrosion steel straps.