Fili di Zinco

Vertic Zinc Wire Oy

Fili di zinco per Spruzzatura térmica

Vertic Zinc Wire Oy produce wires zinc High quality in all diameters with the original system (brevettato) di Colata continua in vertical.

When using the electric arc we recommend the use of Vertic S or M Vertic Quando si usa la fiamma raccomanda si l'uso del filo Vertic S Con cavi lunghi o quando si spruzzano simultaneamente e Zn Al raccomanda si l'uso di Vertic H
Resistenza a razione N / mm ² Carico a rottura




<100 (± 5) 60-100% 100-120 (± 5) 40-80% >120 (± 5) 30-60%

La zincatura a spruzzo, unlike paints, protects the product against corrosion in two ways: barrier effect and anodic protection. As a result of sacrificial zinc is consumed instead of the underlying steel even if the coating is damaged. This is a great benefit compared to painting and organic coatings which act only as a barrier and are not able to prevent the spread of rust sottopellicolare.

The main advantages of galvanizing spray they are:

  • Certainty of the life of the product: 120 micron Zn ensure lasting more than 25 years in a normal environment.
  • The coating thickness can be changed at will
  • There is no restriction sizes of the parts
  • There is no need to dry the artifact. Any finishing treatments (such as painting) can be performed immediately after spraying.
  • The splash area is not very hot so there are no changes in the structure covered.

Vertic produces the bars zinc purest on the market. This is important because in the vacuum metallizing the impurities have a negative effect on the uniformity of the surface and on the high conductivity. Vertic uses only Zn>99,995% for which Cd and Pd are below the directives RHOS.

The process of continuous casting of Vertic ensures maximum cleaning, without lubricant residues, which are present in other production systems of competitors.


Mechanical characteristics
Chemical composition of products Vertic
Element Rated Typical
To the <0,0001
Fe <0,002 <0,0002
Cu <0,001 <0,0003
Cd <0,003 <0,0006
Sn <0,001 <0,0000
Pb <0,003 <0,0012
Density 7,14g / cm ²
Melting point 419,6°C
Boiling point 907°C
Electrical conductivity 0,166 10⁴ / cmΩ
Thermal conductivity 1,16 W / cmK

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[box style=”doc”]As can be seen from the crystal structure of the bars are not treated and that makes them free of residues of lubricants[/box]

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wire rod structure



Vertic zinc Wire Oy

It 'a subsidiary of Vertic Oy located in Pori, Finland. Here is located the factory for the production of wires of Zn, began in the mid 90s. Mantyluoto, to 20K by the establishment, is the port from which you are running the boarding.


The bars of Zn are packed in cardboard boxes; the wires of zinc in drums thick cardboard and plastic reels. Other types of packaging are in steel drums of 400kg and skeins of 25Kg.


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