The replica of Il Pugilatore

The replica of Il Pugilatore is a work in which the company participated materica as regards the Metallization and Oxidation processes.
Metallization is a process obtained with the use of Osu-Hessler electric arc machines sold by Colimet srl which you can view in the section plants.

We describe this work to make you understand how electric arc metallization can be destined for various uses, for example within collaborations with museums and art schools, rather than with architects and interior design professionals or for the protection of metal carpentry artifacts.

The video below explains the process of playing the Boxer at rest, Hellenistic bronze statue cusotodita at the National Roman Museum, on the occasion of the Chinese edition of the exhibition "Tota Italia. At the origins of a nation. IV sec. a.C. – I sec. d.C.”. al National Museum of China.

Prof.ssa intervenes in the video Grace Tucci , which describes the various phases of the formation process of these artefacts to which different technical and technological skills contribute.



Relief of the work: Microgeo srl
Photogrammetric survey and realization of the 3D model: Lidia Fiorini, Alessandro Conti, GeCo Lab, #SAYS, University of Florence
3D printing: 3D Venice – 3D printing
Surface metallization and oxidation: materica