Budget Law 2022 - New Sabatini

Support for small and medium-sized enterprises continued also for the period 2022-2026, thanks to the refinancing of Nuova Sabatini for 900 million Euros and the Guarantee Fund of 3 billions of Euros for access to credit.

These concessions are a further stimulus to investments in the electric arc galvanizing sector which is one of the most efficient and economical anti-corrosion systems able to guarantee durability of steel structures exceeding 100 years, as required by the Technical Regulations for Construction (NTC 2018).

rusty reinforced concrete vs galvanized spray treatment

The electric arc galvanizing process is easy to perform and is within the reach of small and medium-sized companies operating in the metal carpentry business, metal sandblasting and painting.

It can also take place outside, on maintenance sites, renovation and restoration of rusty works or reinforced concrete artifacts where the round iron is corroded.

A modest investment within the reach of SMEs, of the order of 25-50.000 Euro, that generates wealth, creates employment e, above all, helps to lower the cost of corrosion in Italy which is higher than 4% of GDP.