Business operation and economics at the time of COVID-19

Italy and Europe are facing a moment of great difficulty that forces all of us to face great efforts and sacrifices.

Of course, the difficulties will not end with the end of the pandemic, because we face a highly negative global economic conditions that we will be able to fight with renewed energy.

Despite the seriousness of the present time, we at Colimet, in line with our usual moral conduct and our professional ethics, we do not disclaim from honoring, in a timely manner, the commitments to suppliers and employees.

Because these days, on the business world, it begins encounter the phenomenon of requests for suspension or slip of payments to suppliers, we want to draw all entrepreneurs to the sense of responsibility towards suppliers, employees and customers.

In virtue of what is stated above, We inform our inability to accommodate any requests for rescheduling of payments and, with the opportunity, We urge the balance of overdue bills.

Therefore, We call for respect of upcoming deadlines and the old ones, trusting in responsibility and correctness of each of you.

We suggest, to those who had need, to avail, as they are already doing many Italian entrepreneurs, powerful tools made available by the Government by Decree 18 of the Law 17/03/20, so-called "Italian Care", which provides:

  • Title II: Measures to support the work.
  • Titolo III: Measures to support liquidity through the banking system. In particular: art. 49: Central Guarantee Fund for SMEs - Article. 56: Financial support measures to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the epidemic of COVID-19 micro moratorium, small, medium business lines of credit in c / c, advances on debt securities, maturities of short-term loans and payments of installments maturing loans, neutrally on credit quality - Article. 57: Support the liquidity of companies affected by the emergency epidemiological through guarantee mechanisms.
  • Title IV: Fiscal measures to support liquidity of households and businesses.

We invite you to use these tools in order to protect the Vs. Enterprises and to ensure that deadlines are met, indispensable to safeguard all other industrial companies that are part of the production chain. In this way, with a joint effort, we can all make our contribution to the country out of crisis and limit the damage to each of our companies