Gas gun AC-2000

Flame Spraying: 20-24 kg/h of Zn the 6-8 kg/h of To the

Suitable for spraying zinc wire and aluminum 2,5 mm a 3,16 mm.

The gun, perfectly balanced, It reduces operator fatigue and, although light, It is extremely robust to withstand heavy working conditions. Equipped with a high capacity of oxygen and acetylene standard nozzle system. The wire is pulled by a compressed air motor. The roller that carries the wire is placed directly on the motor shaft primary air, and this ensures a high torque and a high number of revolutions. The wire gripping mechanism is completed by a pivot ball whose knurled press the yarn on the feed roller. The pressure on the rollers can be changed, depending on the diameter and quality of the wire used, with the use of a normal screwdriver. The cover is easily removable to feed the wires.

Gun Size: 220 mm x 78 mm e h 255 mm (including the engine)

The gun is connected to the reducer of the cylinder of the gas pressure and to the air control system.