New dimention of Arc spray ADVANCED system

Merloni Gas Cylinders – the main cylinders fabricator in Italy- has upgraded its spray system abandoned the acetylene gas spray equipment in favour of the most updated arc- spray ADVANCED tecnology with electric powers sources driven by electronics devices.

Four guns are connected to 4 energizers: 2 of 800 ampere and 2 of 400 ampere which spray Zinc or  Zn/Al 85-15 at the rate of 240Kg per hour, with coating in a range of 50 µm up to 140µm.

The 4 guns have been  installed and integrated in the the exiting production system.

By means of a novel, patented system, “ADVANCED” Osu-Hessler, the quality of the electric arc and the spraying is excellent a new software ignition and spraying procedures attein unequalled results. A costant stable electric arc is guaranted, even with voltages as low as 10 ampere.

The main transformers are Vacuum impregnated and all the control elements are on the low-voltage secondary.

A special database (in an Excel) controls 3 essential functions: communications between operator ad machine (texts) establishment of respective machine condition (executers) and the parameters database for all processes (synergy charts). 99 customer-specific/programs and up to 99 robot (programs) can be stored and accessed at the same time.

Every spraying program has its own ignition program. Spraying performance is under synergy control i.e. : all the different spraying parameters are controlled at the same time by a contiously adjustable control device.

Robot and automation interfaces are relatively easily realizable via the CAN-BUS adapted to the customers needs.

Main tecnical advantages:

fine coating, lowest voltages, constant arc even at 10 ampere

best melting behaviour (lower T° at the arc), low Zn dust and fumes during spraying

less oxydation during smelting Zn or Al

less powders and vapour of Zn

less consumption of compressed air and energy