The application of Zn/Al 85-15 wires in Italy

The use Zn/Al  85-15 wires is growing up in the thermal spray field in Italy, mainly due to technical and economic benefits listed below:

  • Low porosity, very thin pores in the coating,
  • Higher electrical-chemical potential and increased sacrified capacity
  • Al acts as an inert coat, minimizing the dissolution of Zn, favouring the longer cycle life of steel and reducing the risk of white rust
  • The coating has a density of 4,97 gr/cm³ and one pass in spray covers a surface of 20-30% higher than Zn only
  • A sealing improves the adhesion
  • Melting temperature is 385 °C (lower than Zn) with less over-spray, less powders and Zn fumes
  • In avarage each pass of sprayng is 50 µ
  • The corrosion resistance is especially effective on Steel, against sodium chloride (salt), sulfur dioxide and marine environments


Steel infrastructure: bridge, piers, motorway

exterior of steel and iron pipes

Gas cylinders