The importance of the metallization

Several months after the Tradeshow held in Bergamo, Here we are again talking about a market segment in which an Italian company stands for dynamism and search for new markets.
Dr. Mario Colic, She is CEO of Colimet: can you tell us how did your passion for this activity? "More than anything I would speak long before professional knowledge gained as a leader of industry in the field of non-ferrous metals (zinc, piombo etc.), then as Director of the Italian Promotion Zinc and President of European Producers of zinc in the period 1987-1990. So from '96, after leaving the previous job in the employ of a company Eni Group, I started setting up their own entrepreneurial activity in the Colimet Srl ".
But zinc has always been central to his work ... An almost unbreakable bond ... "Indeed it is a professional commitment to track dell'anticorrosione in the vast field of iron and steel because zinc, when it is applied on the steel, serves to protect it from rust and give it a lasting decades without the need for expensive and difficult routine maintenance. Corrosion is responsible for the damage, estimated in the order of 2% of the national GDP, pari a 40 billion per year, that could be greatly reduced by using proactively to zincatura a spruzzo”.
We are entering in the specific: we understand better readers. "Look, the process is simple and consists of an electronic generator with a terminal (gun) the end of which converge two simultaneous wires zinc the aluminum that are melted by an electric arc and deposited in the form of solid particles on the steel pre-cleaned with sand blasting or shot blasting. "
From what he says, I assume that his activities are aimed at customers mainly restricted to operators. "Just small I would not say ... We do not cater only to 200 existing operators in Italy, but above all we aim to engage the world of metal structural, plant operators of sandblasting and painting metal treating over 3 million tons per year of steel artefacts ".
Colimet Srl is, however, the Osu-Hessler Bochum, German leaders in the manufacture of installations for electric arc for applications anticorrosive and anti-wear coatings. Also markets a wide range of metal wires including those of zinc production of Vertic Zinc Wire Oy, leading European manufacturer. Fray and the other a battuta, ask the Dr. Colic how his company is experiencing the present moment of crisis Italian.
"Well, the situation is very difficult, for this reason we seek to expand our visibility as much as possible. We participate in trade fairs and Treatment of Metal Finishing, distribute lots of material and technical documents on galvanizing spray and its applications and send documents to potential customers technical and economic. Also, promote meetings with government agencies and technical experts in the design and preparation of specifications for the PA, highlighting the added value resulting in the use of these treatments and the advantages for the community, that has available durable goods with significant cost savings.
The effects of these efforts are beginning to notice and consider that on the 2010 – not brilliant year for the economy of our country – we helped to install ten systems in Central and Southern, area still considered a virgin ".
Said of his relationship with the Osu-Hessler, I would be interested to know how its suppliers, which are in northern Europe, perceive the economic situation in Italian. And then found that differences, lei, in the way of working between Italy and Europe. "Compared to those who work in northern Europe, our situation is completely different; we are proving more difficult, primarily derived from the little appreciable habit of customers to pay late and after several reminders. This puts us in serious trouble against the German and Finnish, with whom we work regularly. They are accustomed to standard payment terms of 30 days of the invoice date and are unable to understand the reason for delays in payments due in 60-90 And today ...’ challenging, in addition to, make it clear to customers that zinc is listed on the London Stock Exchange, therefore fluctuate according to the daily exchange, so it can not have a fixed price and stable ".
What future do you see for the area of ​​its competence and for our national labor? "The future prospects of this segment, theoretically, are positive because like I said the potential market is rising and interest is growing. But between the optimism of the will and the daily practice there is a strong distance that can not be filled by only our commitment: it would take a greater sensitivity on the part of public bodies who should know, when designing urban, you can not prescribe to clients regardless of the galvanized steel spray. The obvious evidence of the frightening deterioration of the urban of our cities – where there shall be no maintenance – I'm eloquence alarming. Not to mention the resistance to the use of galvanizing spray by the customer, concerned only the most modest initial cost without taking into account the rather strong, future savings resulting from the unlimited durability of the artifacts ".
From the perspective of his company to the prospects for young people. "From my experience at national and international level I feel I can tell them that you need to master the English language, experience initially at small and medium-sized enterprises which make their knowledge in the use of modern communication tools and updated, In this regard we are a sort of paradigm as we have invested a lot of website and online advertising ".
Humanity has never had, in History, the many opportunities that globalization has now at its disposal. The daily business life is, therefore, a knowledge base on which to develop their computer skills and communication.