Zinc. Still under tension

The 2018 He had seen the Zn prices follow a downward trend, going from $ 3,346 / ton of 2.1.18 to $ 2,604 / ton of 3.8.18, before closing the year at $ 2,557 / ton (decline of 24%). Since early 2019 prices have jumped by 14% in Euro and 11,8% in Dollars marking a path, defined by international experts, zig-zag with a trajectory, however, always facing upwards.
The pressure on prices is real and is testimony to the persistent Backwardation (cash prices higher 3 months), Differential which is today 66 $ ton and which originates from a lack of availability of physical metal, caused in turn by the global deficit 45.000 Tons who thinned official stocks at the LME in London 95.000 Tons. Only in Shanghai stocks have grown 235.000 Tons (not worrying level when you consider the Chinese annual consumption of 5,5 million tons).
The persistent Backwardation resulted in the lowering of premiums from the sale 190-200 $/T a 160-150 $/T (2018); small thing for integrated producers on the other hand were seen to multiply revenues for the increase in TCs (Treatment spending) It recognizes that the mine to the smelter when selling concentrates of Zinc.
In the presence of the consumer Backwardation restricts purchases to what is strictly necessary, while they are kept away from the Stock Exchange Institutional Investors and speculators, who are not interested in investing in term.
When Zn is , tra le Commodities, the liveliest metal and copper along with what he enjoys most of the recovery in investment in China. A quick title only example, remember that the 50% of the world consumption of Zn is directed towards the protection of steel structures against rust. Not everyone knows that this cancer of iron structures creates each year worldwide a loss of human lives (see Morandi Bridge) and economic resources, which is equal to 4% the P.N.L. World: 50 million tons, pari a 6 times the annual production of Taranto.
rust, cancer steel, It is fought effectively with Zinc, "The real skin of steel". Zinc is not a paint (a glove), since it is the only metal that protects the steel electrochemically, consuming (sacrificandosi) in his stead prolonging battery life for centuries (in proportion to the deposited thickness) without the need for costly maintenance. Not the current ongoing maintenance of viaducts would be needed. As an example, in Italy only 8-10% of the steel consumed is adequately protected against rust, the rest is painted (sometimes with poor paint) They are sweating out the rust after a few years or months. Yet it takes little: greater knowledge on the part of the technical, Managers of P.A. and private citizens, resorting to the hot-dip galvanizing bath in the electric arc or.
After this digression, we return to the prospects for the 2019. And 'the beginning of the second half that price pressure will loosen under the economic recovery of most Chinese smelter, who they were forced to stop production to come into compliance with stringent government guidelines antiinquinamento. The forecasts for the second two months were marked by a strengthening of prices and the goal is to position the prices 3.300 $/Tons, level reached in June 2018; It will be possible after an easing of tension and a trend reversal for the recovery of demand in China as a result of infrastructure investment (+ 4,6%) and urbanization.